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How much can I earn at Liberty National?

Your compensation depends on your performance and level of position (Agent, Supervising Agent, Agency Director, or Agency Owner). Here's what some of our Agents made in 2016:

  • The average commission income for Agents who stayed with our Company for all of 2016 was $70,310.
  • The top commission income for a veteran Agent in 2016 was $523,477.

Insurance Sales? Seriously? That sounds like a lame career. Is it really lame or the best thing ever?

Best thing ever. Insurance sales is definitely the best thing ever. That's why you see insurance sales professionals driving nice cars, living in nice homes, wearing nice clothes. They get paid for their hard work. But that's not the best thing ever part. The best part is that insurance sales representatives help hardworking, middle-income Americans protect their families and financial interests. At Liberty National, you can have a rewarding, give-back-to-your-community, lifestyle-changing career. Just ask any of our Agents and Managers who've delivered a life insurance claim check to a grieving spouse. Or talk to one of our Agents who doubled their compensation by stepping out of their comfort zone and into a new career field.

Not only will you help people financially when they need it most, but you'll also earn some amazingly awesome money in the process. Please note though, this career is not for everyone. It isn't easy. It's hard work. You have to be a dedicated, persevering, ambitious, hard worker who understands this is a professional, state-license-required career. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and intense ambition, Liberty National may be the place for you.

Do I have to pay to become an insurance representative with LNL?

No. But first, let's be clear. Insurance sales is a professional career. Not a trade. And not an hourly job.

Most professional careers require licensure and continuing education. Professionals - doctors, lawyers, real estate agents - typically pay for their licensure and/or continuing education.

If you receive an offer to represent the products of our Company, you will be required, by law, to complete your state's licensure training and certification process. Liberty National does not pay for your state's licensure training or certification process. However, you should view this as a personal investment into your long-term, professional career. When you become a state-licensed insurance representative, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will contract with our Company to sell our products, but you are not an employee of the Company.

How does residual income work?

Agents are paid each month from policy renewals beginning the second policy year. Without this residual income, a sales person is only as good as his or her last sale. For individuals in any other sales field such as real estate or car sales, in order to increase their income, they have to increase the number of units they sell. At the beginning of each week, month, or year, they start over - what they've sold in the past doesn't matter. They're only paid for what they do in the present, but not the past. Not so with insurance sales. Our Agents continue to make money from sales they made years and even decades ago.

I have no sales experience. Will that be a problem?

Nope. Liberty National offers training and sales tools that set you up for success. We desire driven, ambitious people who work hard. At Liberty National your degree type or previous experience doesn't matter, but your desire to achieve does.

What products does Liberty National sell?

Liberty National sells life and supplemental health and accident products in the individual and worksite markets.

I've never heard of Liberty National.

Now you have. We've been around since 1900. Our sister company, Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company, is the Official Life Insurance Company of the Texas Rangers.

I have an interview with Liberty National, but what do I wear? How do I prepare?

  • Suit and tie for men and suit for ladies - think business professional! Check out our Pinterest page for some great business fashion ideas.
  • Provide at least two copies of your resume.
  • Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the interview.
  • Bring a great attitude.
  • Be prepared to ask and answer questions.

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